Barry was a space pirate who started the second great war of Theoland.

Barry the Blowing Stuff Up
Barry the blowing stuff up
Barry the blowing stuff up
Born 4750 BBU
Died 4710 BBU
Species Trizoid
Other Info
Occupation Pirate
HomeWorld Tritopia
Family N/A

Early LifeEdit

Barry was born on the planet Tritopia in the Ollieland Galaxy. He and his family moved to the Theoland galaxy when he was 2. While entering the galaxy an asteroid hit the space ship. His parents put him in an escape pod so he would survive. The ship with his parents in blew up. He was stuck in space for 2 years before landing on the Intergalatic space jail. He was adopted by the chief of police. When he was 15 he abandoned the ship and swore revenge on heoland when Emperor Elephantine blew up the jail.


He got a gang of abandoned aliens to join him and they took over the Theoish space liner SS Void. He killed many jedi when they arrived on the ship trying to reclaim it. After blowing up the ship with King Theo on he stole another cruise liner which he used to gather more soldiers.

The Second Great War of TheolandEdit

He started the second great war of Theoland when he threated to destroy the planet. The war lasted 13 years and only 20 of his men were killed.


He was killed in the great war when he confronted King Theo who he thought died. After a 20 minute lightsaber fight Barry destoyed Theo's light saber with his forbidden saber. Just when he was going to kill Theo one of the king's padawans jumped in front. This made Barry confused and left Theo to grab a sword placed on a wall to chop Barry's head off.

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