Barnabus Spook (2577 - 2651) was a Duck, who achieved fame and fortune for his invention of "The Spook Paperclip" in 2603.

Barnabus Spook
Born 2577
Died 2651
Species Duck
Other Info
Occupation Inventor, Millionaire
HomeWorld Duckopolis
Family Jabez Duck (Father)

Mary Duck (Mother) Abraham Duck (Son) Harry Duck (Son)

Early LifeEdit

Barnabus Spook was the only surviving child of Jabez and Mary Duck. Barnabus was born into a poverty stricken family, so was always trying to find was to get money. As a child he got his money from pickpocketing, whilst his father worked for 14 hours a day in the local mine. In 2585, Barnabus' father was killed in an accident at the mine. With the family's main source of income gone, Barnabus and his mother fell into even more poverty.


Eventually, Barnabus began inventing things, in the hope that won will achieve him fame and fortune. He eventually rose out of extreme poverty by selling his various inventions, but in 2603 he invented "The Spook Paperclip". When he gave a demonstration of how it works in the town hall, the market exploded. Everyone wanted hundreds of Spook Paperclips each. Barnabus was selling 1 pack of 25 paperclips for £1, and ended up making roughly £55,000 a day.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Now a Multi-Millionaire, Barnabus  met and married Elizabeth Horton, the daughter of Lord Horton. Barnabus had two sons with Elizabeth - Abraham Spook in 2605, and Harry Spook in 2606. Barnabus and his family lived in a giant mansion, and lived a privellidged and happy life.


However, in 2634, the sales of "The Spook Paperclip" plummeted. By 2636, Barnabus was seriously in need of some cash. He decided to travel to Raba-5, where he believed that the paperclip would be successful. In 2637, he travelled there, and the paperclip was indeed a massivve success. He sent his wife £2.5M to pay of their debts, and continued to make money there. Unfortunantly, he caught the attention of the local buisnessmen. In 2640, NAEM.INC released "The Naem Paperclip". This paperclip not only held your paper together - it also could be used to write with and used as a glue stick. Barnabus' sales plummeted. When he told his wife that he had lost the fortune and gone out of buisness, she divorced him and moved away. Barnabus once again sank into deep poverty. He couldn't afford to get transport back to duckopolis, so was forced to live on the streets of Raba-5 until his death 11 years later.


His family was carried on by his sons - Abraham and Harry. Through his youngest son, Harry, he is the great-grandfather of the infamous Admiral for The Empire, Admiral Fergus Spook

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