Emperor Baloo
Born 2761
Died n/a
Species Moxxian
Other Info
Occupation Emperor of Moxx
HomeWorld Moxx
Family Emperor Olpu (Father)

Empress Mime (Mother)
Empress Ema (Wife)
Hi Shi-Zun (Secret Wife)
Pus Shi-Zun (Secret Wife)
c. 5 children

Emperor Baloo (Baloo Shi-Zun; born January 8th 2761) is the fourth and current Emperor of the Empire of Moxx.

Early Life Edit

Baloo Shi-Zun was born in Moxx on the 8th of January 2761. He was born 1 year into the reign of his father, Emperor Olpu, and his mother was Empress Mimi, Olpu's first, and official, wife. Baloo has two, younger, FULL siblings, but also a younger half-brother to his father's secret marriage.

Marriage(s) and Children Edit

Baloo was betrothed to his second-cousin on his paternal grandmother's side, Ema Run-Bi (who is also his fourth-cousin, as Baloo's paternal grandparents were also second-cousins.) With Ema, Baloo had two children:

  • Baloo Shi-Zun (born 2781)
  • Shein Shi-Zun (born 2785)

In 2787, Baloo secretly married a woman named Hi, with whom he had another two sons:

  • Plo Shi-Zun (born 2789)
  • Chen Shi-Zun (born 2791)

In 2813, a woman named Pus gave birth to Enrico Shi-Zun, who Baloo admitted was his son. Baloo and Pus married soon after. Empress Ema appears to be aware of her husband's adultery, but has been reported to "accept it."

Emperor Edit

Baloo's father died at the age of 67 on the 17th of December 2794, and Baloo was crowned Emperor of Moxx. Baloo has now ruled for over 2 decades, and, as of 2815, has 5 grandchildren.

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