Baby Panda
Baby Panda
Born 2005
Died N/A
Species Panda
Other Info
Occupation Princess
HomeWorld Mialand
Family Queen Mia (Mother)

King Bo (Father)

Dizzy (Sister)

Dazzy (Sister)

Peppa (Sister)

Empress Alice of Mialand (Half-Sister)

Lola (Half-Sister)

Michael (Half-Brother)

Peter (Half-Brother)

Princess Baby Panda of Mialand (Zoo Pandaryen Daenerys; born July 5th 2005) is youngest child of Queen Mia of Mialand, and her husband Prince Big Bo. This makes Baby Panda a member of the royal family, and the 7th-in-Line to the Throne.

Early Life Edit

Baby Panda was born in July 2005 to Queen Mia and Big Bo, in the Capital City of Mialand. Baby Panda is the youngest of Queen Mia's children - having 5 older sisters (one deceased) and 2 older brothers.

Trivia Edit

  • She is 2 years old and for pandas in Mialand they have a birthday every 5 years
  • She has an extremely high IQ highest in all for the Mialand galaxy
  • She has a natural talent for dancing and gymnastics
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