Arthur Wilfordshire was the presenter of Ollieland Galactic News from 2772 until 2812.

Arthur Wilfordshire
Born 2742
Died n/a
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Presenter on Ollieland Galactic News (Retired)
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Harold Wilfordshire (Father), Alice Wilfordshire (Mother), Mary Wilfordshire (Wife), 2 sons

Early LifeEdit

Arthur was born in 2742, the second child of Harold Wilfordshire, a writer, and his wife Alice Wilfordshire. Arthur was educated at Gontsville School for Boys, where he studied literature and art.

Ollieland Galactic NewsEdit

Arthur was offered to become the new presenter of Ollieland Galactic News in 2772 after Ronald Spurt died. As of then, Arthur presented the news to the entire ollieland Galaxy for 2 hours, every day for 40 years. Arthur retired in 2812, and was replaced by Bobby Lockword.

Personal LifeEdit

Arthur married Mary Grent in 2765, and had 2 sons. Arthur currently also has 4 grandsons. Arthur is also the great-great-grandson of Ebenezer Wilfordshire , the Prime Minister in the 2660s.

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