Archibald Proddle (30 November 2643 - 9 September 2715) was the Prime Minister of The Ollieland Galaxy and The Galactic Senate from 2680 until 2694, and again from 2700 until his death in 2715.

Archibald Proddle
Born 2643
Died 2715
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Senator (Formerly), Prime Minister
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Clemantine Proddle (Wife), Arthur Proddle (Son), Mary Proddle (Daughter)

Early LifeEdit

Archibald was the only child of George and Jemima Proddle. He was born in Ollieland in his family's home.


Archiabdl jopined the group of senators representing Ollieland in The Galactic Senate in 2670. He was popular with the other senators, and was voted Chief Representative of Ollieland in 2676.

Prime MinistershipEdit

When Prime Minister Benjamin Diddles was voted out of office in 2780, the other Ollieland senators urged Archibald to put his name down for role of prime Minister. The Fourth Great War had been going on for nearly 10 years at this point, and Archibald believed that The Ollieland Galaxy needed a leader. After 3 months battling with 2 other senators, Archibald was voted Prime Minister.

First termEdit

Archibald's Prime Ministership lasted 2 terms. In his first term, he was extremely popular, and managed to keep his posistion for 14 years. However, in 2794, he ordered his men to attack the empiristic base of Fort Durnskard. This attack was a massive failure, and all Ollieish soldiers were killed. This failure was a deep blow for Archibald, and he was voted out of office a few weeks later.

Second TermEdit

Archibald's replacement was William Happock. William was timid and a coward, and The Ollieish people needed a true leader. Happock was voted out of office in 2700, and replaced with Archibald, who promised he will bring victory to Ollieland. Archibald kept his word, as ollieland won the war in 2714, after 40 years of fighting.


A year later, Archibald was giving a speech to a large crowd, when a bomb was set off at the base of the podium Archibald was on. The blast instantly killed 23 onlookers and injured 70 more. The podium collapsed and Archibald fell into the flames. The fire was put out and it took 4 minutes for firemen to dig Archibald out of the rubble of the podium. He was rushed to hospital, but pronounced dead 10 minutes later. ollieland was in mourning for months after. He was replaced by Hebert Redguy , who was voted out of office after just 1 year. 

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