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Aleyya Secura
Born 30 ASG
Died 120 ASG
Species Kabili
Other Info
Occupation Jedi (Formerly), Sith (Formerly), Janitor
HomeWorld Kabil
Family Merom Meroso (Husband)

Kit Fisto (Cousin)

Aleyya Secura (30 ASG - 120 ASG) was a former Jedi, who turned to the Sith. She became famous in 302, when several movies and TV Series were produced about her life.

Early Life[]

Aleyya was born in 30 ASG on the planet Kabil. In 38 ASG, she began living at the Jedi Temple, and was apprenticed to Master Ihe Maara. Aleyya became a Jedi Knight, and was stationed on The USS Saviour, to help fight in the civil war.

Later Life[]

One day, Aleyya was walking down the corridor, when a General for The Uprising, Ginji Tar, ran towards her, having escaped his jail cell. Aleyya sliced down the trooper that was chasing him, claiming that she found being a Jedi "boring". She was brought to Count Dooku, who accepted her as his apprentice. She trained with him for 10 years, until she murdered her cousin, Kit Fisto. In 70 ASG, she met Dooku’s master, The Emperor. A year later she and Dooku planned to sneak aboard the Republic ship, but she was captured and Dooku killed. She was to be in prison for 2 years, but ended up being there for eight. She made friends with fellow prisoners Dr. Nuvo Vindi, Poggle the Lesser, and Jedi Merom Meroso. The planned to escape, but Poggle betrayed them. Vindi was killed, and Aleyya went into hiding, leaving the heart broken Merom behind. She stayed on an abandoned ship for 30 years, until she was reunited with Merom, who she lived with on the ship until her death.