Albert Lighton is credited as being the genius behind the invention of lightsabers, weapons that are still used today.

Albert Lighton
Born 1,998,999,904 AN
Died 1,998,999,816 AN
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Inventor, Philosopher
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Jacob Lighton (Father), Mary Lighton (Mother), Luke Lighton (Brother), Matthew Lighton (Brother), Joseph Lighton (Nephew), John Lighton (Great Nephew)


Albert Lighton was born in what is now known as the capital city of Ollieland , Ollopolis. He was the youngest of 3 brothers, and the son of Jacob Lighton (Carpenter) and Mary Lighton. He was a very bright child, and became a philosopher when he reached adulthood.


he was approached by Ollie during The Great Killer-Crator War to invent a new weapon for the use of the jedi. It took Lighton 2 years, but eventually, using power crystals and The Force, he was able to create the first lightsaber, which is currently in The International Master Universe Museum . He was rewarded with 500 galactic points (Worth 5,000,000 galactic points today), and he lived in a relaxed and happy luxury until his death at the age of 88.

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