Agent 10
Agent 10
Agent 10
Born 23 BBU
Died N/A
Species Minifig
Other Info
Occupation Agent
HomeWorld Legonia
Family Unknown
Agent 10 was the 10th member recruited for the Agent Embassy and the leader of the heroes.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Agent 10's early life except that he grew up in Brickonia.

Job at the Agent Embassy Edit

Agent 10 was hired as an agent in 0 ABU because of his incredible wits and strength. He was known in the embassy as shield due to him having a shield that was powerful.

Fall of the Embassy Edit

When Professor Arachni made Agent 1 go insane agent 10 was the only person who could stop the madman. After an intense battle agent 10 shot Agent 1 of the huge Spiderbot killing him.

The Heroes Edit

Agent 10 founded the heroes with his colleagues Batman and Unikitty. They hired their friends as heroes and together finally killed Professor Arachni leading to the fall of Brickonia.

The Fall of Brickonia Edit

After Professor Arachni was killed a villain called galapos took control of Arachni's robots and took over Brickonia.

The Fall of the Heroes Edit

in 11 ABU the hero HQ was destroyed by the zombies. Most of the heroes got kidnapped by WSA (We save all (not really)) After everyone got free they hid in the Heroes HQ but it was destoyed by WSA.

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