Admiral Varg
Born 2628
Died 2695
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Admiral
HomeWorld Kahzland
Family Grand Moff Varg (Father)

Theresia Varg (Mother)
Irene Varg (Wife)
Professor Varg (Son)
Admiral Rudolf Varg II (Son)
General Alois Varg (Son)

Admiral Rudolf Varg (Rudolf Thaddeus Nikolas; March 20th 2628 - November 19th 2695) was an Admiral of The Empire during the first half of The Fourth Great War, as well as the eldest child of Grand Moff Varg and the father of the infamous Professor Varg.

Early Life Edit

Rudolf Varg was born into the wealthy Varg Family on the 20th of March 2628. He was born in Varg Manor, and his parents were Joseph Varg, who would become the second Grand Moff of The Empire, and Theresia Varg, the daughter of Sir Nikolas Meln, whom Varg is named after. Varg had a younger brother and younger sister. Like all Varg males, Varg began military training when he was 8 years old. 2 years later, his father replaced Grand Moff Hershel as the Grand Moff of The Empire, and Varg and his brother became members of The Empire's youth army training. During this time, his father was fighting in The Second Great War, and this inspired Varg to purse a military career.

The Battle of Genosia Edit

When Varg was 20, he fought in The Battle of Genosia. Many have speculated that Varg was the soldier who shot the young Douglas Held's arm, giving the future Supreme General his famous lame arm. In the first section of the battle, Varg fought on the ground, he then retreated to a fighter pilot, which he used to shoot down 27 allied aircraft. For his bravery and skill, Varg was awarded the title of General - the youngest to ever do so.

Preparing for The Fourth Great War & Marriage Edit

For the next 25 years, Varg was a leading figure in The Empire's preparation for The Fourth Great War. Varg's superior was the famed Admiral Bärenfalle, who Varg worked with until Bärenfalle's retirement in 2663. A decade earlier, Varg married Bärenfalle's daughter, Irene Bärenfalle, with whom had had three sons:

  • Augustus Varg (2656 - 2714)
  • Alois Varg (2658 - 2714)
  • Rudolf Varg Jr. (2660 - 2732)

When The Fourth Great War began in 2674, The Emperor awarded Varg the rank of Admiral for his services and preparation.

The Fourth Great War Edit

Varg spent the first years of the war on the front line, even occasionally joining the battle himself. As he got older, he retired to headquarters, and worked behind the scenes; managing, organising and planning battles and tactics.

Later Life and Death Edit

As Varg entered his 60s, his health began deteriorating. He decided to retire at the age of 65. He got seriously ill, and finally died at the age of 67 on the 19th of November 2695 -19 years before the end of the war. The war woulld got on to claim the lives of 2 of his sons and 3 grandsons.

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