Admiral Hubertus Varg
Born 2618
Died 2659
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Admiral
HomeWorld Kahzland
Family Sir Wilhelm Varg (Father)

Cecilia Varg (Mother)
Maria Varg (Wife)
Anastasia Varg (Daughter)
Christine Varg (Daughter)
Heinrich Varg (Son)

Admiral Hubertus Varg (Hubertus Felix Wilhelm; June 13th 2618 - May 9th 2659) was a notorious Kahzlish Admiral for The Empire, who was renowned for his merciless and blood-thirsty nature during The Second Great War.

Early Life and Family Edit

Hubertus Varg was born on the 13th of June 2618, in his father's mansion on Kahzland. He born into the infamous Varg Family; his father was Sir Wilhelm Varg - a scientist who invented the hydron-laser, and eldest child of Grand Marshall Varg and Princess Martha, who in turn was the daughter of King James II of Kahzland. His mother was Cecilia Werin, the daughter of Duke Gustav II of Vija. Varg was the third of four sons, the eldest of whom was killed during The Battle of Genosia.

Military Career Edit

Like most of the male members of The Varg Family, Varg joined military training when he was 8 years old. He excelled in the military, and soon gained a reputation as a skilled, fearless and formidable soldier. When he was 14 he beat a fellow cadet almost to death during a wrestling match. He joined The Empire's military as a soldier when he was 18. He was promoted to Admiral after fighting in The Battle of Genosia when he was 30.

Marriage and Children Edit

On the 12th of February 2650, Varg married Maria Von Bold, the grandaughter of Baron Von Bold. They had three children:

  • Anastasia Varg (2650 - 2737)
  • Christine Varg (2652 - 2746)
  • Heinrich Varg (2655 - 2680)

Heinrich died fighting for The Empire during The Fourth Great War.

Death Edit

In 2659, Varg was tasked in leading a secret mission to ambush a squad of Ollieish troops, despite there currently being peace between The Allies and The Empire. During the ambush, Varg was shot. The bullet enetered his body diagonally; it smahsed through his left shoulderblade, passed through his heart, obliterated a rib and then fired out of his chest. He stood clutching his wound for a few seconds before toppling over into the abyss.

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