Admiral Herman Glass-Eye was a supreme Admiral of The Galactic Empire during The Fourth Great War, as well as the 2nd leader of The Duckretists .

Admiral Glass-Eye
Born 2654 ABU
Died 2706 ABU
Species Duck
Other Info
Occupation Admiral of The Galactic Empire, Leader of The Duckretists
HomeWorld Darkland
Family none

Early LifeEdit

Admiral Glass-Eye was born on Darkland (Formally Duckopolis) to Ernst Glass-Eye and his wife, Elsa Glass-Eye. From a young age, Glass-Eye showed great cunning, intelligence and leadership.

The Fourth Great WarEdit

Throughout The Fourth Great War,Glass-Eye became exceptionally powerful in The Empire. He was one of the top 4 most powerful leaders. In the first battle of the war, It was Glass-Eye's leadership that caused The Empire to win the battle. He ironically lost one of his eyes in 2676, giving him a more ghoulish look. In 2695, a cruisership that he was aboard crashed into a jungle. Glass-Eye was presumed dead, but was discovered 3 weeks later, still surviving in the harsh conditions.

The DuckretistsEdit

The organisation known as The Duckretists was founded in 2680 by Supreme Admiral Geoff, it's first leader. Glass-Eye was one of the first members, and was elected the new leader upon Geoff's death in 2692. Glass-Eye was succeeded by Geoff's nephew, Admiral Spook .


Admiral Glass-Eye met his end in 2706, whilst on a transport ship on Darkland. The Ollieland Army launched a suprise attack, and invaded the city of Ducktopia. Glass-Eye boarded the transport ship along with several other high ranking Duck Troops in order to escape. However, when the ship was going at max speed, the bridge it was on was bombed. The transport ship soared through the gap in the bridge, and struck into some of the bridge's supports, exploding. The entire bridge then collapsed open the burning remains of the transport ship, crushing it. Glass-Eye's death is viewed as the beginning of the end of the war.

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