Admiral Falkus Karso
Born 2675
Died 2714
Species Human
Other Info
Occupation Admiral
HomeWorld Ollieland
Family Falkus Karso Sr. (Father)

Azimuth Karso (Mother)
Yena Karso (Wife)
3 Children

Admiral Falkus Karso (Falkus Ulrik Karso Jr; January 17th 2675 - September 2nd 2714) was a high ranking officer in The Empire, who served as the Admiral in charge of Strategy aboard The Excrutionator from 2708 until his death aboard the vessel on the 2nd of September 2714.

Early Life Edit

Falkus Karso Jr. was born on the 17th of January 2675, on Ollieland. His parents were Falkus Karso Sr, a doctor, and Yena Karso. Falkus Sr was the eldest son of the creator of The Daleks, the scientist known as Davros. Falkus had one younger brother, who grew up to become Professor Klein Karso.

Military Career Edit

Like many of his family, Falkus joined the army upon leaving school - fighting in The Fourth Great War for The Empire. Falkus was promoted to General in 2799, and Admiral in 2705. Falkus was placed as Head of Strategy on board The Empire's Super-StarDestroyer, The Excrutionator, in 2708.

Personal Life Edit

Falkus married a woman named Yena in 2700. They had three children - two girls and then a boy:

  • Magda Karso (2703 - 2787)
  • Dacia Karso (2705 - 2767)
  • Falkus Karso III (2707 - 2798)

Death Edit

Falkus served his position of Head of Strategy aboard The Excrutionator during the final battle of The Fourth Great War, on the 2nd of September 2714. He was aboard the bridge, and acted as Second-In-Command to Grand Moff Trauer, advising him and the other Admirals. In the climax of the battle, The Excrutionator's shields were sent offline by enemy fire, leaving the vessel defenseless. Soon after, a fighter pilot was sent hurtling towards the bridge. As Trauer angrily ordered for the bridge's operators to "intensify the forward fire power", Falkus, who had spotted the ship, screamed "Too Late!" - his last words - before diving for cover as the fight pilot crashed through the bridge's central window in a gargantuan fireball, killing all present. The bridge collapsed into the main body of The Excrutionator, which thus lost all power, and was dragged towards The Death Duck by it's gravitational pull - erupting in a blazing inferno of an explosion as it rammed into the SpaceStation.

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